Bill Gates promises he won’t use coronavirus vaccine to chip people

According to Rory Smith from the New York Times, allegations against Bill Gates “exploded” between January and April 2020. Disinformation targeting Bill Gates is now the most viral topic of all the fake information related to Covid-19.

Allegations against Bill Gates have one point in common: critics and conspiracy theorists are accusing him of trying to profit from the pandemic, with the aim to enslave the world with a Micro Chip as well as to get even more rich selling vaccines.

During an interview on CBSN, American billionaire Bill Gates denied the “conspiracy theories” saying he wants to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus in order to implant a chip into people.

Bill Gates has long been the target of conspiracy theories, but the current situation is unprecedented: from January to April, his name was associated with the origins of the coronavirus more than a million times, and there is no reason to believe that this trend is going to change. This statistic is taken from an analysis by the New York Times and Zignal Labs, which have followed the development of conspiratorial discourse on television and on social media.

Tony Blair call for a Digital ID to “prove your disease status”

Tony Blair is calling for a new ‘digital ID’ so people can prove their coronavirus ‘disease state’ alongside testing and tracking programs as the world breaks out of lockdown.”

EVENT201: The Simulation of a Pandemic in… OCTOBER 2019!

REMINDER: This conference was done in October 2019 in New York with the Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum as well as some top execs:

“To illustrate the areas in which public / private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a very serious pandemic, in order to reduce the economic and societal consequences.”

The Objective of the Conference

At the start of the epidemic, the Johns Hopkins Center issued a statement denying that this event was directly linked to Covid-19: “The Center for Health Security did not make a prediction during this fiscal year. The scenario was based on a fictitious coronavirus pandemic, but it was not a prediction. […] The data we used to model the potential impact of this fictitious virus is not similar to that of nCoV-2019.”

“Coronaviruses form a family with a large number of viruses,” explains the World Health Organization (WHO), “which can cause a wide variety of diseases in humans, ranging from the common cold to SARS, and which also cause a number of animal diseases ”.

By George